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International conference on Innovation in technologies for processing of rubber & Elastomers

Processing of polymeric materials is still not well understood and there is a need to have a greater interaction between Academia and Industry. To promote such a dialogue, PPA has planned to organize an International Conference on ?Innovation In Technologies For Processing Of Rubber & Elastomers? in Mumbai on 26th & 27th October, 2012 at Hotel Ramada Inn, Juhu, Mumbai

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Composite PVC materials using nanofillings

A research team from the Public University of Navarre (UPNA) together with the LÂ’Urederra R+D Centre and Compuestos y Granzas is developing composite PVC materials using nanofillings.

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Update on global polyolefins scenario

The global demand for thermoplastics is expected to grow by around 100,000 tons by 2015, driven by the developing economies. Polyethylene comprises 35% of this market and polypropylene is 24%, according to leading market consultant Noru Tsalic of Applied Market Information (AMI). This is an annual increase of 5.6%.

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