International conference on Innovation in technologies for processing of rubber & Elastomers

Processing of polymeric materials is still not well understood and there is a need to have a greater interaction between Academia and Industry. To promote such a dialogue, PPA has planned to organize an International Conference on ?Innovation In Technologies For Processing Of Rubber & Elastomers? in Mumbai on 26th & 27th October, 2012 at Hotel Ramada Inn, Juhu, Mumbai. Polymer Processing Academy (PPA) would like to invite active participation from all concerned with Polymer Processing from Academia and Industries to this Conference. PPA is therefore, inviting Technical Papers on the following broad topics :
Importance of Rheology and its understanding in enhancing the processing of Rubbers & Elastomers.
Compounding of Rubbers & Elastomers for improved processing.
Emerging processing technologies of Rubbers & Elastomers.
New development in testing & evaluation.
Current status in R&D and Polymer modification in Rubbers & Elastomers.
Innovations in reinforcements, additives and Nano materials.
Emerging trends in recycling of Rubbers & Elastomers.
Green technologies and advances in sustainability issues.
Shift in applications from Rubbers to TPEs.
PPA also calls for registration of a large number of delegates from Polymer producers, processors, equipment suppliers, users, suppliers of Additives, Consultants and others who are connected with Polymers to participate and share their views.
Polymer Processing Academy (PPA) was established on 5th March, 2011 in Mumbai to provide a single forum of all branches of Polymer Processing e.g. plastics, rubbers, elastomers, fibres, coatings, adhesives etc.

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