Grace inks multi-year agreement with Braskem to develop technologies and solutions to produce green chemicals

W. R. Grace & Co. has signed a multi-year agreement with Braskem to develop process technologies and catalyst solutions to produce green chemicals. The agreement is intended to advance the commercialization of a process to convert renewably sourced feedstocks into value-added products. Grace is a global supplier of innovative catalyst technologies with a leading position in the petroleum refining and polyolefin market segments. Braskem is the leading thermoplastics resin producer in the Americas, with a goal of becoming the world leader in sustainable chemistry by 2020. Details and financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.The technology under development in the Grace-Braskem collaboration is based on carbon sources from renewable agricultural processes that contribute to lower carbon emissions than traditional feedstocks.
?We are pleased to have the opportunity to work in cooperation with the world leader in green plastics,? said George Young, Vice President of New Business Development at Grace. ?This collaboration demonstrates our commitment to become a leading supplier of catalysts to the renewable chemicals industry.? Braskem is a global leading producer of biopolymers and has announced plans to expand production of sugar-based bio-polyolefins. ?We continue to innovate to meet market needs for more sustainable solutions,? said Edmundo Aires, Vice President of Corporate Innovation and Technology at Braskem. ?We’re convinced this partnership will enable us to do this better.?

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